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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 20, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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at the white house today. the clock is ticking and it looks like the only debt compromise on the table hits the big three really hard. but feel good about the fact that tonight john boehner was having pizza with the tea partiers. the folks that say they won't sign on to anything. congressman kucinich calls the plan a raw deal. he's here and he's fired up tonight. this is the ed show, let's get to work. >> all of the candidates are going to have to demonstrate they can do all of the job all of the time. >> tim pawlenty is taking cheap shops at a republican front-runner. tonight i'm going to defend michele bachmann. >> i'm not going to allow anyone to take a pufrmg at me. >> alan west refuses to apologize for his sexist remarks. today he says she owes him an apology. where's the outrage?
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if you thought the defense of news corp. was odd, wait until you hear bill o'reilly's stance. the president first tried to sell his plan to nancy pelosi and harry reid. and then the obstructionists came over to the white house. boehner and mk skon el. they have to convince members of their party to accept over a trillion dollars in revenue increases in order to take this zeal. don't hold your breath, it ain't gonna happen. republican leaders were with the president meeting today, freshman tea party bomb thrower joe waffle cilsh circulating a not to agree with the plan. walsh is expecting to have at least 100 signatures in the
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coming days. if 100 house republicans won't vote for a plan with zero tax increases, there's no way on earth they're going to go along with the gang of six deal. senator tom harkin nailed the republicans on this one. >> the sad reality is that america no longer has a two party system. one of our two parties has morphed into kind of a cult driven by a singular fixation and obsession, preserving and expanding tax breaks for the wealthy at all costs. >> harkin is exactly right. the republican devotion to protecting the rich is a religion in this country. there's no way boehner will be able to deprogram enough of his party to take a deal by august 2nd. president obama might be trying to buy more time with the tan man. jay carnie today left the door open a little bit for the possibility of a short term extension in order to get a bigger deal. >> the president has been clear that he will not support a short
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term extension of the debt ceiling. there's no reason why we cannot come together now and get something significant done. what we mean by that, we would not support a short term skens absent of a longer deal. we will spoert the measures needed to finalize the details of that. >> that would be $4 trillion and hitting the big three. in that sound byte, is that the definition of kicking the can down the road? yes, is. president obama has clearly decided to make massive cuts to the debt by making modifications to the big three. i applaud him for holding the line on revenue increases. the price for the average american in my opinion is way too painful. this modification, the new word is modification, it's like we're playing the game password. remember that years ago? modification. for social security, would involve a chained consumer price
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index, or chained cpi. right now to adjust the cost of social security based on the traditional would be devastating. they have calculated cost of living increases would cut senior's benefits by nearly 10%. can you hear me now? for the average retiree reaching the age of 75, it would be about $560 a year. by age 85. the change would amount to an annual cut of nearly $1,000. are you ready for that? if you're still around at the age of 95, the reduction would rise to nearly $1400 a year. you know what, a small minority of lawmakers in washington are fighting these massive cuts, so
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leave it to my favorite senator to sound the alarm. >> 1,000 dollars a year is a major blow. so i congratulate senator coburn, senator chambliss for doing what president obama said would not happen under his watch. >> social security is not the problem. it is a $2.6 billion surplus, and it's 100% solvent until the year 2037. washington has been raiding the social security trust fund piggybank for years, but it still keeps on rolling, doesn't it? if politicians can figure out a
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way to pay less in benefits, then they can give more money to the rich in the terms of tax cuts and they can also borrow against it, that's what this big three is all about. think about in, we have a democratic president and a democratic majority in the senate that is willing to go along with cuts to the big three. how sad a day it is? it's almost as if they're not democrats any more. and i just wonder, senator kent conrad, who i consider a friend and have been for years, he is the chairman of the senate budget committee. is he willing, senator -- are you willing to go home to north dakota and tell those seniors who have supported you for years that they're going to have to bite the bullet to the tune of 10%? but the wealthy farmers in your state are going to be able to get another break down the road? this is wrong. it's morally wrong. we should point out that you, senator conrad are not going to be running for re-election in 2012. and i kind of have a problem
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with that. the gang of six -- coburn's not going to be around, conrad's not going to be around. we're talking about some big money to the big three that's going to have to be served up, and the millions of americans out there who do make millions of dollars are going to get away scott free. we're not in this mess because of social security and medicare and medicaid. we're in this mess because of the bush tax cuts, because of two wars that were unfunded and big pharma. what bothers me, is i'm not hearing enough democrats say this. i hear bernie sanders, i hear my next guest. i don't see a litany of democrats stepping up to the microphone and saying, we will not allow this. i see the tea partiers over there saying, we will not allow this, i don't hear the democrats saying loud enough. the president can't do it all by himself. this deal on the table for the gang of six, what they're throwing at the american people right now is a fraud. because it doesn't address the problem. it let's millionaires off scott
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free and it also attacks those who don't have the political voice, the elderly. the students, those on disability, those who are seniors. it's really sad. get your cell phones out. i can't believe we're at this point in the country right now, if you're mad at the democrats would you ever vote for anyone who cut the big three? text a for yes, b for no. and you can always go to our blog at we have the results coming up. think about that bs would you you vote for anybody who votes for cuts to the big three? joining me now is ohio congressman dennis kucinich. you i know are one of the voices who's willing to stand up and protect the big three because this is not the problem. where do we stand at this 11th hour as everyone quotes? >> i think it's very important for democrats to draw the line and say that social security has
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nothing to do with creating this defic deficit, there's no reason why social security should be mixed in with this discussion about the debt ceiling. social security has a long term problem and it's solid through 2036. we could solve it very simply by lifting the caps on the amount of money that's involved with social security faxation. where we have a problem, wars, tax cuts for the rich, and the fact that you had wall street cashing in on speculation -- >> why are the democrats. >> of the housing bubble. >> why are the democrats even getting roped into this conversation? >> well, i think that the democrats normally we want to be supportive of the president. but when the president has put social security on the table in the middle of a debt ceiling debate, we have to caution the president that social security has been a cornerstone of social and economic justice in the
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united states since 1934. >> he's not listening. the president's not listening to the democrats right now on protecting the big three. he's not doing it. >> it's called having the votes to pass a plan. if they're missing social security, medicare and medicaid in with the debt ceiling issue. they're not likely to have a vote to pass the plan. there's no reason why america should go into default. there have been routine extension to the debt ceiling, 74 since 1962. 10 since 2001. there's no reason we should be looking at a fiscal version of armageddon right now. people are pushing a certain agenda. tax cuts, the deficit, we're going to add another $1.5 trillion to the deficit by getting rid of the alternative middle tax that would help those in the top brackets. we have to ask ourselves, are we united as a nation for all the people? because right now, these plans will essentially help the continuation of the acceleration of the wealth of america into
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the hands of the few, at the expense of the poor and the middle class. it doesn't have to be that way. we can regain our capacity for governments who invest in the economy to create jobs. the problem is, we don't have enough jobs in the economy. >> no, we don't. why is president obama doing this? why do you think a democratic president is doing this? >> i can say that i can't tell you i know why he's doing it? but i do know this, those of us who are in congress, who were elected as democrats understand that -- as bernie sachbders said, it's so important to remember that people -- use social security as a lifeline, for more than 90% of seniors, it is the source of income that people have to survive. a 10% cut for people over a period of time would be devastating. we cannot expect people to absorb these kinds of cut backs, when you have wall street cashing in on the economy. >> it makes no sense. >> we don't have to go into
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default. it should not be a choice. we have to do everything we can to avoid it, we cannot ask the poor and the middle class to continue to bear the burdens of the wrong decisions that congress has made. >> for the latest on the negotiations, let's turn to sam stein and michael eric dyson, a professor of sociology at georgetown university and author of "can you hear me now?" . sam, what's the latest? >> lucky for you and congressman kucinich, i'm hearing this big bargain with the big three on the table is off the table so to speak. right now, senator mcconnell and reid are working on their hybrid approach. there's not enough time to consider this package that's been put for by the gang of six. there's some members who have talked about getting a one month extension to the debt ceiling, so they can have the congressional budget office score it. that's probably not going to
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happen p. it doesn't make sense legislatively. the more we're hearing from the gang of six proposal, the more opponent's it's getting. conservatives are against it. even though congressman kucinich is right, it would get rid of the alternative minimum tax. >> senate republican leadership aids sent mike allen an e-mail explaining why republicans don't like the gang of six plan. here it is, the president killed any chance of its success by embracing it, hailing the fact that it increases taxes, and saying it mirrors his own plan. isn't the whole gift of this not to give president obama any kind of successful leg up on this? >> how can we doubt that, ed? >> the reality is, under george w. bush, this would increase the debt limit seven times, under ronald reagan, 18 times. 70 times since the 1960s, and 130 members who are republicans in congress to date voted to
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raise that debt ceiling under george w. bush. is there any real reason to believe here, ed, that one of the reasons congress will not vote to put the economy in the black because the economy is in the hands of the black. that seems extraordinarily harsh. but the reality is, there seems to be no logical or reasonable answer or response to the notion other than they want to deny this democrat and this particular president the victory of having the ability to forth consensus here around the reality of american debt. >> are you suggesting that there's no way the president can get any kind of a victory out of this working with republicans for the good of the country? they just won't give it to him? >> they just will not. they refuse to see the legitimacy and authority of the president, even when he agrees with some things he agrees with, they take it off the table. >> what about joe walsh circulating a petition to get 100 signatures, they're not going to get anything passed in the house. >> think about what the
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president has put on the table, we're to trust what the letters are saying, and i do trust -- he's putting on things the republican party have long sought after, reforms to medicaid, medicare, social security. even though social security is not a contributor the deficit or the debt. he's offering all this for tax increases for slight tax increases that would come in stead of the bush tax cuts expiring. he's giving them all this, and he's not getting any tide back from the republican party. i think it personifies what we're both getting at here, this president cannot win in this debate, which is partially why they're going to the fall back option. >> why would the president consider nailing the big three in a discussion like this, at this time. because we all know the numbers show it, that minorities would be hit especially hard if this plan were to go through or any plan for that mat he, that deals with curtailing the big three.
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why would the president do that? >> on the one hand, let's give him -- it's a strategic move for the president to show that the republicans, the other side of the aisle have no profound interest for the average american citizen. by putting the big three on the table strategically, he shows just how deeply they have descended into the swamp of refusal to negotiate. on the other hand, the problem is, the people who are hurt most are the people at the bottom, the poorest, the most vulnerable. the graph you just put up there -- >> the very people that put president obama in office. these are the people that are going to hurt the most in this deal. >> you're right. you're talking about elderly people, working class people and people of color, especially african-americans. it makes no sense. >> are the democrats getting a spine tonight on capitol hill? >> yes and no. on the one hand none of the
10:17 pm
democrats i talked to are ready to see the debt ceiling lapse without being raised. on the other hand you see some of them come out and speak out against the gang of six. the majority of the concerns are behind the scenes, you look at people like chuck schumer, patty murray, people who run the campaign committees who are designed to attack electing democrats. if you put medicare on the table, talk about raising the eligibility rates, we're going to have trouble recruiting democrats for office. on the idea that this is a game of chess, i don't buy it. i think this white house has looked at the numbers and determined they can reach independent voters. >> this is going to bring the independent voters back into the arena saying he was an honest broker, he had his party take a chunk out of their hide as well. thanks for your time.
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remember to answer tonight's question at the screen. alan west of florida goes on a nasty personal tax against debbie wasserman-schultz. and later 2% tim is at it again. tim pawlenty hints that michele bachmann is not fit for the presidency. t? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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republicans just love to scream about deficits and debt. and, of course, they want to blame it all on president obama. but we're coming up on the tenth year anniversary of the federal government borrowing billions and billions of dollars to cover the bush tax cuts. on august 1st, 2001, the associated press reported the treasury department was taking $51 billion in credit to cover the first round of bush tax cuts. it only got worse. look at this chart of public debt. the big yellow area represents
10:21 pm
the bush tax cuts. those cuts are causing more debt than the recession and the two wars combined. ten years ago, the treasury department was planning on actually retiring part of the national debt, but it was forced to change its plan once the bush tax cuts were enacted. so happy birthday tax cuts, for the good of the nation, we hope you do not have any more to come. challenge that with olay regenerist night elixir. its gentle glycolic formula resurfaces at night for the smooth skin of a light chemical peel. sleep tight. regenerist, from olay.
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welcome back to the ed show, allen west of florida sent a scathing e-mail to debbie wasserman-schultz. he sent it to her personal e-mail account. here's part of what he said.
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>> you are the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the united states house of representatives. you have proven repeatedly that you are not a lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me. west even sent out a fund-raising letter with similar language. debbie wasserman-schultz did absolutely nothing to deserve that. here's what she did. she was simply standing up against the draconian cut and cap balance plan supported by congressman west on the floor. >> inkretd u housely the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of beneficiaries is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for medicare beneficiaries, unbelievable from a member from south florida. >> wasserman-schultz makes a policy point. west attacks her personally. as you might expect, is some
10:24 pm
lawmakers took issue with that. >> just once again we have been told that in order to be a ladying that we need to just stay in our places. speaking out on the floor of congress, getting elected to office is very lady like, mr. west. but they resort to that type of language because they cannot win on the merits. >> those lawmakers should apologize and they want congressional leaders to rebought west. when west spoke to a huffington post reporter earlier today he climbed he had apologized, a west spokesman said absolutely false. the congressman is waiting on an apology from the congresswoman, and west said this. >> she's not a victim, she's been attacking allen west for quite some time. >> really? congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz is keeping her focus on west's indefensible policy positions. >> if he feels that concerned
10:25 pm
and gets that churned up over having to defend his positions, he should probably reconsider his position. >> the debate in washington has turned very personal. let's bring in jess mken to be. where is the outrage on this, what has debbie wasserman-schultz done that is not lady like, that deserves that kind of a comment from a colleague. >> i'm going to do my best to act like a lady here, so you let me know if i'm getting too opinionated here and i'll back right off. debbie wasserman-schultz did nothing to deserve the sexist tirade. the republican agenda is one of the most sexist that we have seen in politics. they have shown themselves willing in word and in politics and in policy to discriminate against women, everything from cutting family planning, to privatizing medicare. the thing that made me saddest about this was that it came during the normal course of
10:26 pm
business. just as you said, debbie wasserman-schultz was on the floor of the senate, talking about the impact of legislation on her own constituents. emily's list has come out and made a statement and taken action. where are the rest of the women's groups on this? >> i think there's a lot of outrage among women and men in america, who are sick of this kind of thing. i think the outrage and the enthusiasm that it has engendered is coming from two places. one is is the gop war on women, which i think nobody expected the ferocitity of. and the second is inspiring women coming to the forefront of the republican party like debbie wasserman-schultz. if you want a supporter, you go to emily's list. wouldn't it be nice to take this guy down and replace him with a woman who can act like an adult
10:27 pm
and work with others and get things done. >> i'm amazed how silent some women's activist's group are on this issue. the congressman also said -- alluded to the fact that she has gone after the congressman in the past. are there things that we don't know about that maybe she has said? >> i think -- it's been shocking that not a single republican has said anything. it's been over 24 hours since he launched his e-mail offensive, and they've said nothing. that silence is speaking very loudly to american women right now. and that's why it is so important that we replace some of you tea partiers, these folks with this really anti-woman, anti-family agenda, with strong democratic women and that's what i'm trying to do with emily's list. >> i have to commend wasserman schultz she was on with andrea
10:28 pm
mitchell earlier. she said maybe allen west should change his policy. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. she's surging ahead in the polls. now the republican establishment is trying to portray michele bachmann as unfit for the presidency. you won't believe what karl rove has cooked up this time around. and steve ducey's conspiracy theory about president obama's birthday. ♪
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like nearly 30 million other americans, i experience migraines that are easily controllable with medication. but i'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> that was congresswoman michelle back man responding to a right wing hilt job that appeared on the website daily caller. the presidential candidate suffers from migraines that leave her incapacitated for days at a time. worse yet, the piece suggests that bachman pops pills like candy to keep the issue under control. in my opinion in bachman's polling numbers were in the single digits, there wouldn't be a need for a story so heavy on insinuation and light on
10:33 pm
specifics. she's a real threat, you see. the republican establishment is scared, maybe there is a war on women in the republican party. sure enough, after bachman stated she is able to keep her migraines in check, here comes karl rove planting yet another seed of doubt. >> for the bachman campaign, this is the first big challenge. it's evidence of what happens when you jump up into the top reign of these polls and the kind of scrutiny you get. it's going to be important for her to get her doctors out there quickly to provide the medical records and reassurance that people are going to want to have that this is not a serious issue. >> it is a nonstory. doubling down on rove's efforts, tim pawlenty, like a buzzard circling over a caucus. questioning whether bachman is even fit for office. >> all the candidates are going to have to demonstrate they can
10:34 pm
do all of the job all of the ti time. >> keep in mind, folks, that comment right there that pawlenty just gave us, that's coming from a guy who took a pass on attacking mitt romney on his health care record in the first debate. well, it looks like he's really getting tough. late this afternoon, bachman's camp released a letter from the attending physician of congress, the doctor stating that bachman manages her migraines with medication and is otherwise healthy. michele bachmann, i do not agree with you on anything. and i can say that my respect for you has gone through the roof in the last 24 hours. you were clear, concise, stood up to it, you weren't bullied by these people. the republican establishment obviously fears this candidate as she is moving up in the polls big time and she's raising money far more than the people who are trying to take her down. and it's just like karl rove to pull a stunt like this and raise
10:35 pm
the question that maybe she's not fit because he happens to be supporting mitt romney or anybody else of the establishment. but certainly not a tea partier like michele bachmann. welcome to the dirty pool hall of the republican party, michelle. ahead, what are these republicans up to with the bachman story? i'll talk with bob strom and ron christie. bill o'reilly took on news for a phone hacking scandal for the first time. take a guess on who he sided with. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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i keep a very rigorous schedule, i feel great. >> that was michele bachmann answering questions about her medical background after a right
10:39 pm
wing website reported that she suffered from debilitating may grains. her doctor made a mistake today, while tim pawlenty is hinting she is unfit to be president of the united states because of all of this. joining me now is professor at new york universities bob is rum. and ron christie. good to have you with us tonight. bob, is this proof positive that here she is surging in the polls, raising credible money, she's gone from 4% to 13% nationally. she's right behind romny. there you see the numbers. she's a force in gaining. is she a threat to the establishment republicans, and this is one of these stories they can't wait to get out there. what do you think? >> sure, ed, you're right. look, it is a hit piece, and i think a lot of people in the republican establishment are wishing that you and some of the rest of us have succeeded in getting rid of her in the 2010 election, but the tide was too
10:40 pm
strong. the real question here is, they can't say what they object to. it's not her headaches, her head is filled with dangerous fantasies that she makes mistakes, that she seems is far out of the mainstream. and they think she can't win, the problem is, she can win the republican nomination, because one person's fantasy is another person's fate, she can command a legion of tea party faithful and conceivably win that nomination. i think they want to stop early, now that this has happened, i never thought i would utter this sentence, rove is right and she will have to release her medical records. >> what do you think? >> he think this is a disgrace. i like tucker carlson, who is the publisher of the daily color. i am disgusted by this attack on someone who is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the republican party right now. if you have something you want to say about michele bachmann, be it her policies, what have you, say it. to come out and say her
10:41 pm
migraines are a problem. i worked on capitol hill for nine years, anonymous aids leaking stories, they had their own agenda. if you have something you want to say, put your name behind it and say it. >> tim pawlenty responded to his comment earlier today. just moments ago on fox news, this sounds like a walk back to me, here it is. >> i think it's mostly a side show. i've never seen her have a medical condition or impairment. what i said today generically applying to all candidates not hers, is that anybody who's going to serve as president of the united states has to be able to do all of the job all of the time 24/7, it's just common sense. >> do you buy that? >> i don't buy that. what did you call him, mr. 2%? for a fellow who's not raising any money. for a fellow who's trying to get ahead in the headlines, he's going to do this against congresswoman bachman, i think this is a scurrilous attack.
10:42 pm
if you have something you want to say about her, say it, to use her migraines or medical condition which we don't know for a fact is despicable. >> does this story help michele bachmann? >> it may help her with her base. the problem here is that the republican establishment believes and the polls would all appear to indicate that she can't win this election. for example, if she's going to get to the nomination, all that money is going to have to come from the grassroots, it's not going to come from big republican givers, if she gets that nomination, she'd be crushed by president obama. that's why they want to get rid of her, i think as we look down the road, we're going to see a whole series of tests that she's going to be subjected to. quite frankly, i think there's panic in the republican party. i'd have to say to ron. rove has had some practice over the years, this time he happens to be using it against the republican, instead of against john kerry.
10:43 pm
>> my friend bob schrum, i think michele bachmann is a force to be reckoned with. the democrats are scared of her, again, you want to -- >> i'm not scared of her, bring her on. >> i'm so ready to bring her against barack obama because we're going to beat him like a drum in the next election. >> she is is the weakest conceivable republican. >> no, she's not. i think she's the strongest conservative in the race. >> why do you think she can beat president obama? >> she's a strong fiscal conservative, and i think she speaks in a clear and concise voice, and i think she's a force to be reckoned with. >> 80% of the american people don't want to touch the big three, she's all over it. >> i still think we have 16, 17 months to go, there's several other candidates, i'm a personality friend and a favorite of governor romny's. whoever the favorite will be, romny or president obama they're going to have a tight election. >> i want to ask you about tim
10:44 pm
pawlenty, he's had to restate his position. it was in the debate when he didn't go after mitt romney on the health care, he soft pedalled that. this situation with michele bachmann. does this show he's not ready for prime time? >> we know he's not ready for prime time. he got catapulted into the front lines when he was considered for vice president. i think it was incredibly opportunistic, cheap to jump all over michele bachmann today. someone said it looked really bad, so you have to back off. >> bob shrum. >> i have nothing great to say about him. let's have this race, obama versus bachman. >> we agree on something. >> you two are favorites. fox and friends, steve doocy
10:45 pm
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wisconsin's union busting governor scott walker says he's working to save money. his decisions just keep costing taxpayers more. he rejected an $810 million federal grant to extend the railroad line over to madison, wisconsin. walker said the operating costs would be too high. they would have to have been $30 million over 20 years, but it turns out. walker's decision is going to end up costing the people of wisconsin way more than $30 million. yesterday the state legislature's budget committee voted to spend almost $32 million to main tenant train service between milwaukee and chicago. and the state will ultimately need up to $99 million to get
10:47 pm
the job done. almost all of the costs would have been covered by the federal funds. walker rejected. so the federal grant wisconsin taxpayers would have paid about $30 million. because scott walker's dumb decision, they could be on the hook for $9 million. just one more major reason why democrats keep pushing for a walker recall. comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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fox and friends steve doocy doesn't believe the debt ceiling needs to be raises by august 2nd, he thinks president obama made it all up so he can go on vacation. today he brought dick morris on to agree with him. >> even with no debt deal, he's planning a swanky vacation on martha's vineyard. and the august 2nd deadline the president keeps referring to as armageddon. well, the commander in chief has a birthday blowout planned for the next day. >> when the president was
10:50 pm
president i urged him not to go to martha's vineyard, but to go hiking in the rockies. >> the interview went down hill from there. doocy's birthday party line isn't original. he ripped off louie goal ert of texas who got the ball rolling last weekend. >> the president has a big birthday bash scheduled for august 3rd, celebrities flying in from all over and lo and behold august 2nd is the deadline for getting something done. >> and, of course, even paul ryan of wisconsin has agreed that they need a deal by august 2nd. criticizing president obama for going on vacation is a favorite line of attack for the righties out there, they always conveniently forget the last guy who was in the white house, spent a third of his presidency clearing brush and showing off his golf game. >> i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killings.
10:51 pm
thank you. now watch this drive. >> and w. learned his vacation habits from his daddy. during operation desert storm in 1990, bush senior spent three weeks fishing in kennebunkport. bill o'reilly says the news corp. hacking scandal has not involved any american employees of his parent company. looks like he didn't get the right memo on this one.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
the news corp. scandal has hit american shores and bill o'reilly is supposed to be looking out for us, he can't stand it so he's lying about it next. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio.
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caution you're entering the bill spin zone. last night bill o'reilly covered the news corp. hacking scandal for the first time since the story broke. wake up, dude. he wasted no time downplaying the whole thing. >> do the folks over there, the folks, the regular people, do they care about this big press battle? >> you know, the folks. but when his foreign correspondent told him people do care about the story, he moved on to a flunky from the heritage foundation who gave him the answers he wanted. >> here in the united states, there isn't any intrusion of the story thus far.
10:56 pm
on news corp. properties, none. yet you have the new york times absolutely running wild with the story, front page, front page, column, column, vicious stuff. correct me if i'm wrong, doctor, there's not one american employee of the news corporation implicated in any of this? >> yeah, that's absolutely right. there's not a shred of evidence whatsoever. >> actually, that's totally wrong. now, i know you're just looking out for the folks, bill. you don't want them to be misinformed, do you. here's big ed's talking point's memo tonight. les hinton one of rupert murdoch's closest colleagues, you should know him he worked in your building, bill. he was the ceo of dow jones and publisher of the wall street journal, both news corp. properties, so it's here. facts like these are things folks might like to know.
10:57 pm
that's the memo. joining me tonight, robert greenwald author of the documentary, outfox rupert murdoch. what about o'reilly now spinning this, it hasn't hit our shores when somebody in his own building resigned over the whole thing. what about it? >> i guess he doesn't read the newspaper, maybe he never heard of the wall street journal. it's hard not to be snarky about this. i think what bill is doing and what they're doing over there, is a very conscious attempt. it was an important column in the daily beast today, he talks about the very real possibilities that murdoch could be indicted and there could be legal proceedings for the bribery and what's gone on over there. they're trying to avoid that subject at all possible costs. >> you wrote today this was a script of the public relations firm of what murdoch did
10:58 pm
yesterday, and fox news is taking the story equally as so. what about that? >> well, they've hired end el man, if you look at the testimony, the lines from james murdoch and mr. murdoch over and over again were clearly scripted lines, it's an effort to turn it into a pr story, to make sure it's not a legal story, to make sure they don't talk about the bribery, the fact they're paying legal fees for people who were being indicted. and the fact that it's becoming a big case here of -- that their daughter, his daughter is being given $675 million for her company. murdoch's treating again like it's his own private piggybank. it's nice to be nice to your daughters, i have three of them. $675 million? >> but for bill o'reilly to say that it hasn't hit our shores and nobody in the company in the united states has been affected
10:59 pm
les hinton, is this a classic where fox will flat out lie on the air knowing there's a portion of their viewers that are just going to believe it because he is who he is, and who's saying it? >> it's pretty mystifying, the facts are so clear, in fact that i don't know how he can look at himself in the mirror and distort it that way, unless he really doesn't know about the wall street journal, unless he has into idea what's been going on. and unless he got the memo from roger ales saying distort, distort, distort. >> thanks for your time tonight. tonight in our survey, i asked, would you ever vote for anyone who cut the big three. of you said yes, 94% of you said no. that's the ed show, i'm ed schultz, can you listen to my radio show, sirius xm radio noo0


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